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Potential Environmental and Health Impacts of
Management Alternatives for: Cliff swallows

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Management tactics on this page are those discussed in the Pest Notes series, published by the University of California Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program (UCIPM). Information on this page alone is not sufficient for making pest management decisions. For detailed management recommendations, see the associated UCIPM Pest Note. Each tactic is also linked back to the appropriate Pest Note section.

The risk posed by any pesticide product is determine

d both by toxicity and level of exposure. Information presented on these pages is not intended to constitute a full risk assessment. Information is provided here only on active ingredients, not on inert ingredients. The active ingredient is generally-but not always-considered to be the most hazardous ingredient of a pesticide preparation.

Products List

Management practices from UCIPM Pest Notes
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Fact sheets on toxicity:
Click buttons to see fact sheets. If no button is visible, a fact sheet is not available.
Lack of fact sheet information does not imply that an ingredient is safe.
Factors that could reduce exposure
If a factor is present it is denoted by an "X."
This is not an exhaustive list of factors that effect pesticide exposure.
ExToxNet Profile U.S. EPA RED Fact Sheet NPIC Fact Sheet General NPIC Fact Sheet Technical No PesticidesRrequired Gel or Paste for Crevice Treatment Available as Bait Available as Trap Regulatory Status
  Nest removal wedge more...         No Pesticides Required        
  Netting wedge more...         No Pesticides Required        
  Metal projectors wedge more...         No Pesticides Required        
  Fiberglass panels wedge more...         No Pesticides Required        

wedge  Determine whether a product is exempt from Healthy Schools Act requirements