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California Product/Label Database Application

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DPR’s Product/Label Database contains information concerning all pesticide products registered in California. It includes registrant name and address, chemical ingredients, product names, site/pest category uses, pesticidal type, formulation code, registration status, dates, and other types of information.

Instructions on using the database

Product-specific inquiries

Note: Information in these databases and lists are updated at midnight, each business day.

Look up pesticide products by:

Structural pest control devices: All devices intended to control termites, carpenter ants, powder post beetles, and other wood-destroying pests must be registered with DPR. These devices typically use heat, microwave or electrical treatments. To look up registered devices, click the “Single chemical code” link above. Enter “device” in the top (chemical code) search box to retrieve a list of devices. Click on the blue numbers next to the device type to look up specific products.

Additional Lists found below:

New California product registrations - Select date range to produce a list of products registered within the last year. Product information contains link to U.S. EPA label images.

Special local need (SLN) registration search

Pesticide products registered as restricted materials - Query database using type of restriction, chemical, and registration status.

Product/Label Data Tables - a complete set of ASCII data tables produced each business day.

Download, ZIP a list of California’s registered pesticide products - This is a self-extracting, compressed ZIP file. The list is alphabetical by company and contains company information as well as product numbers and names. Disclaimer: Please use Firefox or Internet Explorer to download this file. Other web browsers are not supported.

Registered active ingredients and product counts

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