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CalPIQ-California Pesticide Illness Query-retrieves the most frequently requested information from DPR's Pesticide Illness Surveillance Program (PISP) database. In the PISP program, all reported pesticide illnesses are investigated by the county agricultural commissioners. DPR evaluates the reports and compiles them into a database, which is used to improve the state's program to protect workers and others from the adverse effects of pesticide exposure.

Interpreting the data:

  • Searchable years: 1992 through the most recent year summarized in a PISP annual report.
  • PISP annual reports summarize cases identified during a calendar year.
  • Only cases that DPR scientists classified as definitely, probably, or possibly related to pesticide exposure are retrieved.
    • A possible relationship indicates that health effects correspond generally to the reported exposure, but evidence is not available to support a relationship.
    • A probable relationship indicates that limited or circumstantial evidence supports a relationship to pesticide exposure.
    • A definite relationship indicates that both physical and medical evidence document exposure and consequent health effects.

CalPIQ Report Types:

IMPORTANT: Detailed CalPIQ use instructions, PDF

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