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General Information

  • Healthy Schools Act text, PDF (259 kb)
    Text from the California Business and Professions Code, Education Code, Food & Agricultural Code, and Health & Safety Code related to the Healthy Schools Act.
  • Healthy Schools Act Requirements in English, PDF (134 kb) or  En Español, PDF (125 kb) (from the School Administrators page)
  • Table of Healthy Schools Act Responsibilities, PDF (237 kb) – For public K - 12 schools, licensed child care centers, and pest control or landscaping businesses that apply pesticides at schools or child care centers.
  • Antimicrobials Flowchart, PDF (2.2 mb)
  • Pesticide products prohibited from use in schools and child care centers English, PDF (51 kb) or En Español, PDF (55 kb)
  • Webinar: Healthy Schools Act Updates
    The School and Child Care IPM Team presented a Webinar explaining the new amendments to the Healthy Schools Act. If you were unable to attend or want to hear the information again, watch the recording of the Webinar. It includes both the PowerPoint presentation and the narration.
  • For School Districts and Child Care Centers, Healthy Schools Act Amendments fact sheet, PDF (195 kb)
    On January 1, 2015, new amendments to the HSA went into effect. Schoolsites (K-12 schools and licensed child care centers) applying certain pesticides are required to complete an IPM Plan, report pesticide use at least annually to DPR, and, starting on July 1, 2016, complete IPM training.
  • For Pest Management Professionals, Healthy Schools Act Amendments fact sheet, PDF (275 kb)
    New amendments to the Healthy Schools Act that affect pest management professionals (PMPs) were recently passed. Starting July 1, 2016 a PMP must complete a DPR-approved school IPM training course before applying any pesticides at a school or licensed child care center.
  • California Healthy Schools Act Compliance video
    This entertaining, short video contains practical and up-to-date information needed to comply with the California Healthy Schools Act.

    Watch the entire video series in English (with English and Spanish closed caption option) or En Español (with embedded Spanish subtitles).