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Do you want to learn about how to do integrated pest management (IPM) at your school? Or how to comply with the California Healthy Schools Act? Then watch the new Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) Integrated Pest Management for Schools video series to help get you started!

Pests can be a nuisance and even a health hazard in schools. Getting rid of them without using a lot of pesticides makes common sense! With some simple tools and the right techniques, such as good sanitation and smart preventative practices, you can help maintain pest-free and healthy schools. This new video series, produced by DPR’s School IPM Program, walks you through the IPM process, provides tips for managing common school pests, and includes demonstrations on how to use IPM tools. Topics covered in the video series include pest prevention in school buildings; inspecting and monitoring for pests; IPM for ants, cockroaches, gophers, and turfgrass weeds; and more. This video series was filmed at California school sites and features information from DPR scientists, school district employees, licensed pest management professionals, and University of California IPM Program Advisors.

Watch the entire video series in English (with English and Spanish closed caption option) or En Español (with embedded Spanish subtitles) on the DPR YouTube page.

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Integrated Pest Management for Schools (Trailer)

Get a sneak peek of the video series!

This video series is for informational purposes only and not an approved Healthy Schools Act training course. Please visit the Required Training web page for information or to register for a DPR approved Healthy Schools Act training course.