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Welcome to the California School IPM web site! This site has been created by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) as part of its implementation of the Healthy Schools Act. Here you will find a variety of documents, web links, and other resources related to the Act and to integrated pest management in schools.

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What is integrated pest management (IPM)? Integrated pest management is a widely accepted approach to pest management that results in effective suppression of pest populations while minimizing human health and environmental hazards.  wedge more...

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What is the Healthy Schools Act? The Healthy Schools Act put into code DPR’s existing voluntary school IPM program and added some requirements for schools, such as parental notification of pesticide applications, warning signs, recordkeeping at schools and pesticide use reporting by licensed pest control businesses that apply pesticides at schools. DPR is committed to facilitating voluntary adoption of IPM policies and programs in schools throughout California, and will be assisting school districts with their implementation of the Healthy Schools Act.  wedge more...

What’s New

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Reminders for the School Year, PDF (3.8 mb)
Before the 2014 - 2015 school year begins, brush up your knowledge about the Healthy Schools Act and integrated pest management with these reminders. You’ll also find tips for using IPM when working with pest control contractors.

2014-2015 Integrated Pest Management School Recordkeeping Calendar, PDF (4.5 mb)
DPR’s Integrated Pest Management School Recordkeeping Calendar features helpful pest management information from several IPM resources, including the UC IPM Program, IPM practitioners, and DPR staff. Included in this calendar are instructional images and pest prevention tips to aid in your IPM practices and pest management recordkeeping. You may request a free copy by e-mailing

School IPM Video Series
DPR’s School IPM Program is beginning production on a school IPM video series. The eleven videos will cover the Healthy Schools Act, IPM basics, and specific management techniques for a variety of school pests. The filming will take place at several California school sites and will include commentary from professional IPM experts. The videos are expected to be available in January 2015.

Integrated Pest Management in Schools, PDF (1.3 mb)
A U.S. EPA brochure with information about the IPM approach, easy IPM techniques, implementing an IPM program, and more.