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Information about the new regulation regarding Agricultural Pesticide Use around Schools and Licensed Child Care Centers

About integrated pest management (IPM)

About the Healthy Schools Act and child care centers

About pesticides and safe pesticide use

  • About safe pesticide use - DPR fact sheets
  • Clean, sanitize, or disinfect?, PDF (86 kb) - This table shows areas in a child care center with the processes you should use to keep the area as germ-free as needed. California child care licensing regulations specify when and where you should clean, sanitize, or disinfect.
  • Caring For Our Children Standards - The National Resource Center has information about new bleach concentration in common products. The concentration of most bleach solutions has changed and you could be using too much. How does this affect your health and the health of the kids at your child care center?
  • U.S. EPA Product Labeling - The US EPA has a Pesticide Product Label System where you can find specific label instructions for any registered product.
  • U.S. EPA Fact Sheet on Pesticides and Their Impact on Children, PDF (157 kb) - Key facts about the risks associated with pesticides
  • Other Resources - information on pesticides and related topics
  • Structural Pest Control Board - information about fumigation for pest control, household pest control, and termites


  • School IPM HELPR - for a specific pest, provides management tactics and potential human health and environmental impacts

For more information

Information about the new regulation regarding Agricultural Pesticide Use around Schools and Licensed Child Care Centers

For more information about the Healthy Schools Act:

Schools contact:
California Department of Education
Robert Corley
Telephone: (805) 835-3089

Child care facilities contact:
California Department of Social Services
Child Care Advocates

For more information about school and child care IPM contact:
Department of Pesticide Regulation
Lisa Estridge

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