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DPR’s School IPM Program promotes the adoption of IPM in schools and child care facilities. The Healthy Schools Act (HSA) defines IPM as a pest management strategy that focuses on long-term prevention or suppression of pest problems through a combination of techniques such as: monitoring for pest presence and establishing treatment threshold levels, using non-chemical practices to make the habitat less conducive to pest development, improving sanitation, and using mechanical and physical controls. This strategy greatly reduces pest presence and the potential for pesticide exposure to students, teachers, and others at a schoolsite.

What’s New

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School IPM Workshop: 2015-2016
Registration is now open for the 2015-2016 School Year! School IPM Workshops scheduled for Agoura Hills (Los Angeles County) on March 30, 2016 and Shasta (Shasta County) on June 8, 2016. These full-day workshops provide an introduction to structural and landscape IPM practices and include hands-on activities and demonstrations. Workshops are designed for school district personnel who are involved in making pest management decisions, such as school IPM coordinators, maintenance and operations directors and supervisors, and custodial and grounds staff.

HSA Exempt Products Flowchart, PDF (467 kb)
The Healthy Schools Act exempts some products because they are reduced risk or used for health and safety purposes. Use this flow chart to help determine if you’re using a lower risk product!

2015–2016 School IPM Recordkeeping Calendar, PDF (3.5 mb)
Easily keep track of pesticide usage and important dates by recording it all in one place. Our full-color school-year calendar is a handy recordkeeping resource full of tips from trusted IPM experts for pest management activities. Request a free copy by emailing; or our personal favorite - go paperless!

Webinar: Healthy Schools Act Updates
The School and Child Care IPM Team presented a Webinar explaining the new amendments to the Healthy Schools Act. If you were unable to attend or want to hear the information again, watch the recording of the Webinar. It includes both the PowerPoint presentation and the narration. If you watched the webinar and you still have questions about the new Healthy Schools Act requirements, check out the HSA Webinar Questions and Answers, PDF (278 kb).

IPM Plan for Schools, PDF (722 kb) or for Child Care Centers, PDF (722 kb)
DPR has developed an IPM plan template for school districts to use to meet this Healthy Schools Act requirement. If you are unable to use the PDF of this template try the IPM Plan for Schools, Word (84 kb) version or the IPM Plan for Child Care Centers, Word (85 kb) version.

Pesticide Use Reporting for School and Child Care Center Employees, PDF (228 kb)
Starting January 1, 2015, school districts and child care centers are required to submit pesticide use reports to DPR. For pesticide applications between January 1 and December 31, 2015 submit reports to DPR no later than January 30, 2016. A good idea is to start keeping your records on the form, PDF (228 kb) now!

Integrated Pest Management for Schools video series
These entertaining, short videos contain practical integrated pest management tips from experts and information needed to comply with the California Healthy Schools Act. Topics covered in the video series include pest prevention in school buildings; inspecting and monitoring for pests; IPM for ants, cockroaches, gophers, and turfgrass weeds; and more. Watch the entire video series in English (with English and Spanish closed caption option) or En Español (with embedded Spanish subtitles).