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We hope that this web site answers most of your questions on school IPM (if not, please send a suggestion to For additional information, you may also wish to contact:

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School IPM Announcements are informational updates relating to school IPM and the Healthy Schools Act of 2000. They are issued periodically by the California School IPM Program and include items of interest to school personnel, parents, pest control businesses working with schools, and the general public. School IPM announcements typically cover trainings, meetings, workshops, conferences, new IPM resources, and minor news items related to school IPM.

California Department of Education (CDE) Contact

Portions of the Healthy School Act of 2000 are written into the California Education Code and therefore compliance is the responsibility of each local school district. Each School district is required to appoint an IPM coordinator to ensure compliance.

The Education Code (sections Article 4, Section 1708-17613) contains the following topics:
  • Notification of planned pesticide use
  • Registry of parents requiring individual notifications
  • Recordkeeping of pesticide applications by schools
  • Posting of pesticide application warning signs
For more information on these subjects, please contact:

Rob Corley
Telephone: (805) 835-3089

California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) Contact

DPR has primary responsibility for the following topics:
  • Supporting voluntary IPM programs in schools
  • Reporting requirements for pest control contractors operating in schools
  • Setting up training programs
  • Information on environmental and health impacts of pesticides
  • General information on pesticides

For more information on these subjects, please contact:

Lisa Estridge
Telephone: (916) 445-2489