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If you are looking for information on the requirements for applying pesticides near schools (not on school owned property), visit Addressing Pesticide Applications Near Schools and Child Care Facilities.

About the Healthy Schools Act and child care centers

  • The law does not require an integrated pest management plan, posting, notification, recordkeeping, or reporting for treatments involving certain kinds of pesticide products. Training is always required. The categories of products exempted are:
    • Self-contained baits and traps
    • Gels or pastes used for crack-and-crevice treatments
    • Antimicrobials
    • Products listed as minimum-risk pesticides by the U.S. EPA
    To determine whether a product is exempt or not, review the categories above, then read the label carefully.
  • HSA Guidance Resources

Child Care IPM Resources

About pesticides and safe pesticide use

For more information

Information about the new regulation regarding Agricultural Pesticide Use around Schools and Licensed Child Care Centers

For more information about the Healthy Schools Act:

Schools contact:
California Department of Education
Robert Corley
Telephone: (805) 835-3089

Child care facilities contact:
California Department of Social Services
Child Care Advocates

For more information about school and child care IPM contact:
Department of Pesticide Regulation
Lisa Estridge

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