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School IPM Workshops

DPR has organized IPM workshops for school IPM coordinators and other school district staff responsible for pest management in schools. These one-day workshops review IPM principles including hands-on demonstrations and tours of major pests around school buildings and grounds. The same workshop will be offered on various dates at locations throughout the state. For more details view the School IPM Workshop Overview presentation, PDF (1.4 mb).

Training Dates Location  
Coming soon!

Do you want to bring our IPM workshop to your area? See the Overview, PDF (1.4 mb) to get an idea of what is involved when hosting a workshop and email to let us know that you are interested.

Gopher IPM Workshops

The Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) has organized Gopher IPM Workshops for school district personnel, such as maintenance and operations directors, groundskeepers, and IPM coordinators, who are responsible for the maintenance of athletic fields, facilities and grounds in schools. These workshops will focus on advanced gopher and ground squirrel IPM concepts. View the Gopher IPM Brochure, PDF (1.1 mb) for more information!

These advanced, half-day workshops will include information on the following topics:

  • A review of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Principles
  • Hands-on demonstrations and tours of major gopher and ground squirrel problems around school buildings and grounds
Training Dates Location  
April 4, 2018 Arroyo Valley High School
1881 W Base Line Street
San Bernardino, CA 92411
Gopher IPM San Bernardino Brochure, PDF (1.1 mb)
Register now!

Do you want to bring an IPM workshop to your area? See the Overview, PDF to get an idea of what is involved when hosting a workshop and email to let us know that you are interested.

Educational Tools for IPM Training

Education is an important part of a successful school IPM program. The following educational tools can help IPM Coordinators to conduct more successful IPM training sessions:

  • Integrated Pest Management for Schools video series - These entertaining, short videos contain practical integrated pest management tips from experts and information needed to comply with the California Healthy Schools Act. Topics covered in this video series include pest prevention in school buildings; inspecting and monitoring for pests; IPM for ants, cockroaches, gophers, and turfgrass weeds; and more. Watch the entire video series in English (with English and Spanish closed caption option) or En Español (with embedded Spanish subtitles).
  • School IPM Curricula - Designed as educational tools for IPM coordinators to train school district staff, these curricula cover topics such as structural IPM, yellowjackets, burrowing rodents, and weeds. Each curriculum describes how to present your own training and lists the tools and books you will need.