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Overview/How IPM Can Help Schools

In 1993, the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) began working with school districts in California to provide information about integrated pest management (IPM) practices. During this time, a few innovative districts in California developed their own IPM programs. In 2001, the enactment of the Healthy Schools Act (HSA) put into place right-to-know requirements such as notification, posting, and recordkeeping for pesticides used at schools. The law also put into code DPR’s existing school IPM program and new, more detailed pesticide use reporting. The law has been amended twice. In 2005 AB 405 prohibited the use of certain pesticides in schools and public child day care facilities. In 2006, AB 2865 added private child day care facilities (excluding family day care homes) to the HSA.

For more information about these requirements, please contact DPR’s School IPM Program staff at school-ipm@cdpr.ca.gov.